Tine Marie Riis Cosplay Collection

Tine Marie Riis is a young tallented cosplayer from Norway. She loves cosplay, gaming, fashion, modeling, art, painting, anime and more.

Tine Marie Riis about herself:

I’ve been a huge fan of cosplay for several years; pretty much since I started watching anime in my teens, but I only got around to cosplaying in 2009 – when I attended my first convention: Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Since then I’ve frequented norwegian cons in the Oslo area.

I tend to cosplay characters that means something to me, or that I can feel related to. So every character that you see me cosplay, has something connected to me. 

I started modeling when I was 14, but ended up putting it on hold until I was 19. Since then, I’ve been an active model, going to several thrilling shoots – I’ve even gotten to use my cosplays, or parts of them, as props and accessories numerous times. Using my passion for cosplaying and my modeling sure is thrilling!

Recently, I became a representative of eSports Norway in 2013, and I am working for GIGACON’s Cosplay section.