Is it right to cosplay a character from a game if you don’t play the game?

I’ve seen this question on Reddit:

League of Legends is seriously beautiful game with rich a detailed characters each with their own interesting lore and flavors. I’ve wanted to cosplay a character from this game for a while now. They look seriously fun to do. But, here’s my issue: I don’t play League of Legends. Sure, I’ve given it a go before, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Not one bit. I can understand why people would enjoy this game, but for my personal wants from a game, I find this to be utter garbage with a cancerous community and balance issues worse than a one legged rhino on a tightrope.

I love the characters in this game, and the back stories, and the art. So, based on all that is it right of me to cosplay someone from it? Or will I just get chased away with flaming torches and pitchforks the moment I announce that I don’t actually enjoy LoL’s game play?

Answers go like this:

  • Is it acceptable to cosplay a character that you like even without playing/watching their originating source? Yes. That being said, I still expect people to do research, halfway know accurate poses, etc. For example, for a character from a fighting game, I’d expect the cosplayer to at least have gone to an introductory class in some martial art. Or a character from a shooter, I’d expect the person to know at least how to correctly hold a gun. Do I want them to 100% act like the character? No, but they should at least try for 30%.
  • Yes, go for it! Cosplay it. But please, for the love of God, don’t phrase your objections to LoL that way to anyone who tells you they like it. “I couldn’t get along with how it played” and “I really enjoy the characters and lore” is gonna go a long way to getting along with people who want to enthuse about your costume.
  • What I believe is, that you cosplay not to please others but to get into the shoes of the character. It doesn’t matter if you have watched the cartoon/anime or read the the manga/comic or played the game or not. If you admire the character and you enjoy doing its cosplay nobody has right to point fingers on you. And if they do show them the middle finger.
  • Go for it! I did the same thing and started on a Star Guardian Janna costume even though I’ve only played LoL once. I think the problem lies in trying to pass off as if you DO play a lot/know everything about the series, or getting defensive at people. It’s similar to buying an outfit- there is absolutely nothing wrong with cosplaying from a series you’re not into, or buying a costume instead of making it, just don’t claim that you’re an expert on the series just like you wouldn’t claim you made the outfit you bought. Being honest and sincere will resonate with people and they will understand! There will be a couple people though that may get offended that you don’t play, or try to quiz you on the series, but if they are being rude about it then that is their problem! Cosplay is without rules so do what you love. You can’t control how people react/what they think, but if you stay worried about what others think then you won’t be able to truly enjoy cosplaying for yourself!

Not only positive answers though:

  • I cosplay because I want to start conversations with like minded people. It would be counterproductive for me to wear a cosplay from a franchise that that I don’t 100% enjoy and support, and it may mess up my agenda if someone else did the same. But my idea of cosplay isn’t more important than someone else’s. Just consider what cosplay is for you and run with it.