How to choose what to cosplay

Deciding which character to impersonate is the first logical step when you want to create a costume. No matter if you are a veteran or just starting to cosplay, deciding which costume to work on can be challenging.

There are a few things that can help you decide. You can start by making a list of characters that come to mind immediately, then work on narrowing it down by asking these following questions.

1. What is your current favorite series, book, show, or movie? 

The first thing you have to think about it what series to cosplay from. This is a pretty simple question – just think of your current obsessions and look back a bit.

2. What is your favorite character? 

Sometimes, we develop some kind of a connection with a character and immediately want to recreate them, but sometimes, it takes a little more digging. The favorite character may have an interesting design and sometimes the best character designs may be the characters you hate!

3. Will you feel comfortable in this costume? 

Before going any further, you should assess what the character is wearing. If you love everything about the character, but you don’t love booty shorts, then it may be time to look at an alternative outfit or a different character.

4. Is this costume within your skill level? How expensive can the costume get in the end? 

Next, think about whether or not you can reasonably make the costume. Would you need to work with unfamiliar materials? This is the step where you usually figure out whether or not a certain cosplay is possible. There are some costumes where you will have to wait until you are more skilled.

5. Do you have a deadline? How much time would it take to finish this costume? 

These questions can help you decide when you can complete and wear the costume. Bigger projects may take some planning ahead to make sure you can finish in time. For quicker costumes, you may be able to commit a week before the convention and still get it done!

Group Cosplay Picture

Group Cosplay Picture