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Is it right to cosplay a character from a game if you don’t play the game?

I’ve seen this question on Reddit:

League of Legends is seriously beautiful game with rich a detailed characters each with their own interesting lore and flavors. I’ve wanted to cosplay a character from this game for a while now. They look seriously fun to do. But, here’s my issue: I don’t play League of Legends. Sure, I’ve given it a go before, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Not one bit. I can understand why people would enjoy this game, but for my personal wants from a game, I find this to be utter garbage with a cancerous community and balance issues worse than a one legged rhino on a tightrope.

I love the characters in this game, and the back stories, and the art. So, based on all that is it right of me to cosplay someone from it? Or will I just get chased away with flaming torches and pitchforks the moment I announce that I don’t actually enjoy LoL’s game play?

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