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Is it right to cosplay a character from a game if you don’t play the game?

I’ve seen this question on Reddit:

League of Legends is seriously beautiful game with rich a detailed characters each with their own interesting lore and flavors. I’ve wanted to cosplay a character from this game for a while now. They look seriously fun to do. But, here’s my issue: I don’t play League of Legends. Sure, I’ve given it a go before, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Not one bit. I can understand why people would enjoy this game, but for my personal wants from a game, I find this to be utter garbage with a cancerous community and balance issues worse than a one legged rhino on a tightrope.

I love the characters in this game, and the back stories, and the art. So, based on all that is it right of me to cosplay someone from it? Or will I just get chased away with flaming torches and pitchforks the moment I announce that I don’t actually enjoy LoL’s game play?

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What are the best websites for cosplay costumes?

Etsy is probably the best place to go as far as getting that hand-crafted look for your cosplay costume. There are a ton of very talented prop makers and costume designers on the site. There’s also Amazon – but their selection is pretty limited and eBay – but you’ll be choosing from a ton of different sellers not knowing who sells quality stuff.
Most cosplayers actually create their own costumes from scratch but if you decide to go for a quick solution, you can try these Cosplay Costumes Websites:

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Velma Cosplay Collection


Browsing through this collection of Velma cosplay costumes, you’ll be happy to notice Jessica Nigri’s awesome tits and ass. You can also admire Kay Bear’s ass, but, sorry to say, still no photos of Kay Bear naked.