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Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Collection

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is played by Margot Robbie. Other than The Joker and Batman, Harley is the most recognizable DC character being featured in the movie. Despite not even being 25-years-old yet, the character has enjoyed immense popularity over her lifetime, appearing in numerous TV shows, video games, and on apparel. Corrupted by The Joker (played in the movie by Jared Leto), she’s more jovial and quippy than most supervillains, but this lighthearted demeanor doesn’t mask how insane and dangerous she truly is.

Latex Cosplay Collection

Latex may not be the best choice for fighting off super villains, but it certainly is hot, more figure-hugging, more fantastical, more futuristic, more eye-catching. In short, perfect for bringing larger-than-life fictional characters to reality.

Most of the times, characters are not officially portrayed wearing latex costumes, instead they could be wearing anything from lycra to latex, spandex to vinyl, or even some fictitious material so long as it is skin tight, potentially reflective, and looks fabulous framing an heroic stance!